Refund Policy

Refundable Payments:

- Your payment will get refunded if your webpage does not shown in searches from chosen keywords with-in said duration of time.
- We continue working on pending keywords without any cost to you and still we do not meet up the target, we then will refund your money or it can be get adjusted with next ongoing project with us.

Non-Refundable Payments:

- If there is any new customer associated with our SEO services, he is free to ask to get back refunds with-in two days of time. However, after 2 days he has to continue with our services throughout the month.
- If a customer likes to discontinue with our services without completion of project, in that case there would be refund of money.
- If there are any paid links, website modification, or content writing services, then payment will not be refunded.
- If customer wants to change SEO package with us, he can do so either during first five days of purchase of package or at month end only. If new chosen package is having higher cost than previous package, then you have to pay balance amount and if chosen packages costs less than previous package, then remaining amount will get adjusted with next billing.