Guarantee Policy

We offer 100% guarantee to make available a safety umbrella to clients and resellers as well and you are not required to worry anymore.

The SEO packages we are offering are backed with Money back guarantee. We deliver 100% transparency to our clients and our pricing and other rates are also published online.

Terms and Conditions:

- 40% of your keywords would be on top 10 ranking with Google search engine or with your desired search engine with-in limited duration of time.
- We always tend to keep your 100% of keywords on top 10 ranking with Google or any other search engine of your choice.
- We are always having excellent track record with our clients to achieve and maintain good rankings with search engine. However, in case of any failure to get minimum required ranking with keywords, we continue working without any charge is levied on you for three months duration and even then we cannot achieve ranking we assure you for 100% guaranteed money back.

Guarantee would become Void, if:

- Client does not provide required content whether it is articles, product description, or press releases as per chosen package.
- Client does not provide admin access to webpage for making required on-page amendments.
- Client’s website is running with any malware attack, and got hijacked.
- Client does not provide support with content on-site for specific keywords.
- Client’s website is going offline for more than the duration of 12 hours.
- Client is redesigning the website, upgrading site content or its structure, or using plagiarized content.
- Client pause the project during SEO campaign.
- Client is not making payment at time then guarantee would get void.

We always try to maintain ranking of your 100% keywords with Google.